Child Piyush Patel

Whats your story?

We all have one and it is personal and painful with some moments of pleasure.

Well mine was and I would like to share a little of that with you.

I would like to begin by saying that if it was not for yoga I would be in one of two places, prison or dead.

You may think, well that’s a bit drastic, but believe me if you were to ask those in my life back then they will tell you the same.

You see, I had all the privileges one could imagine growing up in the suburbs of North London with a loving caring family.

That all changed when my mother passed away in 1983 and for me was the start of my pain, which I carried into most of my adult life.
I was 14 back then, old enough to make better choices but the pain was too much for me to deal with and I dealt with it badly.
I started smoking, eating meat, delved into drugs, bad-mouthed my father and was a nightmare for my friends.

I was lost and didn’t know where to turn or how to get help.

I pushed away three wonderful woman. Of which I was ashamed but thankfully they all forgave me and it was with my ex-wife when my real journey to heal began.

I had started to practice yoga in 2002 the year my father passed away.
Before that my brother tragically died.

I got married in 2006 and divorced 11 months later. I was still angry and even though I had started practicing yoga asana I was still not finding the answers to my pain.

I went to the doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists. I spent a lot of money looking for help, all to no avail, until I was aimlessly walking and stumbled upon an organization in North West London called the Brahma Kumaris.
It was there that I found a course (offered for free) on anger management. It involved a lot of talking and listening and self-inquiry, but the main part of the course was meditation or Raja Yoga.

I began to wake up in the morning with a clear head and less of a burden. I did not know how or why and it did not matter, but I felt something lifting and it felt really really good.

This, after only 6 weekly two-hour classes. I had found a way out from my old-friend sadness and I became more determined and focused.

I had to carry on and decided to book a Yoga Teacher Training and I did in Rishikesh 2010.

Without a doubt the best decision I have ever made. Maybe two months after my training I realized where all of my pain was coming from and why it was coming.

I was blaming my mother for dying. Yes, I was blaming my mother for dying.
Unbelievable but true and with my new found understanding of Yoga I was able to completely turn around what I had been “living a nightmare” just like that.

A mere flick of a switch. That switch being located in my head.
I was free. I was me. I was celebrating my birthday again. I was celebrating my lost loved ones births and deaths. I was happy again. Truly happy and very grateful. Grateful to Yoga for showing me the way.

Then another miracle happened, I found my wife. The best wife for me.
And in her I can and do see all my loved ones. ✨

Do you want to share your story ?

If so, then we at YogiPi are willing to listen.
Love, Love, Love ?

Hari Aum

Piyush x


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