Having already completed my 200 YTTC 3 years ago in Indonesia, (and have been teaching ever since) I came to Rishikesh to deepen my self-practise and build back some confidence and strength, physically and mentally. After becoming slightly overwhelmed and disheartened by the slightly saturated spiritual supermarket, I bumped in to Piyush. I CANNOT recommend Yogipi School of yoga highly enough. The attention to alignment with every single person, the scientific knowledge of Anatomy, the precision of every single asana, pranayama techniques, the ability to make every soul feel confident and comfortable in asking whatever they require help with, beginner or advanced! And of course, the love and kindness every single day.
I would suggest Yogipi school of Yoga to anyone and everyone who is interested in taking their advanced practise deeper or a pure beginner. If I could retake my 200YTT with Piyush I would accept in a heartbeat! I have learnt so much more than I ever thought I would in such a short space of time and will be forever grateful to Piyush, Maria and gorgeous Ema the dog. Namaste. X

~ Connie, UK – Yoga Practitioner & Teacher

Honestly talking from my heart, I’ve tried different yoga classes in my life but never found a teacher like Piyush before. He is able to create this special atmosphere which is really unique and helps to connect with our inner souls, our breath and our heart, while working our body at the same time.

Gracias Hermano!

~ Pablo, Argentina – Yoga Student

All is about LOVE PEACE and BEAUTY. Your environment shows it, we all can feel it, see it, savour it. What a “HighLight” YOU are in my 2016.

Todo se trata de AMAR LA PAZ y la BELLEZA. Tu entorno lo muestra, todos podemos sentirlo, verlo, saborearlo. Qué “HighLight” eres en mi 2016

~ Gabel, Belgium – Yoga Student

I loved every part of every day. The retreat was above and beyond what i ever thought it would be. I feel as though I’ve started a new life. The only regret i have is not staying longer haha!! But, next time

Meeting Piyush and having the opportunity to be a part of his retreat was the greatest experience of my life. I will be forever grateful to him for helping me in this way. I can’t wait to go back for more training with him. Thank you, Piyush!!!

Me encantó cada parte de cada día. El retiro fue más allá de lo que alguna vez pensé que sería. Siento como si hubiera comenzado una nueva vida. El único arrepentimiento es no haberme quedado más tiempo jaja !! Pero, la próxima vez Conocer a Piyush y tener la oportunidad de ser parte del retiro fue la mejor experiencia de mi vida. Le estaré por siempre agradecida por ayudarme de esta manera. No puedo esperar al próximo training con él. ¡Gracias, Piyush!

~ Katie, USA – Yoga Student

In my experience, Piyush can initiate profound healing and transformation that works at all levels: body, mind and soul. In healings he works with wisdom, intuition and sensitivity, these gifts have certainly helped me release years of stubborn emotional knots and old baggage

En mi experiencia, Piyush puede iniciar una profunda sanación y transformación que funciona en todos los niveles: cuerpo, mente y alma. En Sanación trabaja con sabiduría, intuición y sensibilidad, estos dones ciertamente me han ayudado a liberar años de nudos emocionales y viejas mochilas.

~ Helen, New Zeland – Yoga Student

Joining YogiPi School of Yoga will be challenging and hard work, but it will also be fun, full of love and care, and you will learn more about yourself in 4 weeks than you could ever imagine. You will meet people that forever will be part of your life – some as true friends and others part of memories, that will stay with you always. For me it was important, that Piyush only accepts up to 10 or 12 students at a time, and he always has time for you whether you have questions, want to talk or just need a hug.

I had been practicing yoga asana daily for 3 years, when I joined the 200-hour TTC, and I feel I had a good base of knowledge to learn and develop by practice, meditation and pranayama. Some of the other students did not have the same experience, but they worked really had and managed to develop a good foundation for their future practice. So if you are unsure whether you will be able to do a TTC, I will repeat YogiPi “all you need is an empty cup”.

YogiPi School of Yoga is not just Piyush. The family includes his team of teachers, his wonderful and loving wife Maria and their dog Ema, who sometimes join the classes:-) Each teacher is very passionate about his or her subject and about sharing her or his knowledge. They are present and giving in all classes. I never expected to lean this much about all perspectives of yoga – not just the amazing asana practice by our teacher Deepak, but I learned so much about ayurveda, anatomy, yogic anatomy, pranayama, mantras, meditation, philosophy and a yogic way of living. We didn’t just learn about it, we were living it.

~ Emilie, Denmark – Yoga Practitioner

A long time ago I was looking for yoga classes but I could not feel comfortable. A year and a half ago I managed to get to know a different space, where they focus on each one of us, showing our strengths, accepting them and developing physically and internally from the outside in and vice versa. That’s “Yogipi Scool of Yoga.”

Hace un tiempo largo buscaba hacer yoga pero no lograba sentirme cómoda. Hace un año y medio aproximadamente logré conocer un espacio diferente, donde se enfoquen en cada uno de nosotros, mostrando nuestras fortalezas, aceptándolas y desarrollándonos fisicamente e internamente desde afuera hacia adentro y viceversa. Eso es “Yogipi Scool of Yoga.”

~ Nuria, Argentina – Yoga Student

Words cannot describe the GREATNESS and OPENESS that this unique person, PIYUSH, holds, radiates and shares with the world around him! Having met Piyush has been an experience for itself: magical, hilarious, deeply enlightening, and no doubt ONE OF THE ABSOLUTE BEST things in my life!!! He is one of the best teachers in this world, he will see you in your fullness and show you everything you need! Go check out his school and be prepared for some of your most amazing experiences!

~ Vera, Austria – Yoga Student

Thanks to Piyush and his lovely wife, Maria, Rishikesh was a soulful and an unforgettable experience. Some people come in our life as a blessing because of their generosity, their talent and their good hearts. During the retreat, I had the most exciting yoga classes, visited the most amazing places, shared the most beautiful and moving ceremonies and experienced the happiness of meeting extraordinary people accompanied by the most awesome teacher, Piyush. And I had so much fun! I will be back very soon! Know yoga, know peace, know this awesome place and these great people.
Hari om

Gracias a Piyush y a su divina esposa, María, Rishikesh fue una experiencia inolvidable para mi alma.Es una bendición conocer personas generosas, talentosas y de buen corazón. Las clases de yoga fueron geniales, visité lugares increíbles, compartí ceremonias hermosas y emocionantes y tuve la felicidad de conocer personas extraordinarias de la mano de un maestro genial como Piyush. Y, además, me divertí muchísimo! Vuelvo pronto! Hari om.

~ Corina, Argentina – Yoga Student

I have never come across another yoga teacher who was remotely as good at their job as Piyush is, and I know he would be a real asset anywhere he was to work, due to his skill, kindness, reliability and positive attitude.

Nunca me he encontrado con otro profesor de yoga que fuera remotamente tan bueno en su trabajo como lo es Piyush, y sé que sería un gran activo en cualquier lugar donde trabaje, debido a su habilidad, amabilidad, fiabilidad y actitud positiva.

~ Caitlin, UK – Yoga Student

Awesome, wholehearted teacher and lovely class. Come if you are interested in a holistic, integrated yoga class and a very individualistic approach. This class is for who ever wants to sincerely and successfully learn yoga or take existing skills to a new level. Thanks!

Benjamin, Austria – Yoga Student