Meet the Family

Piyush ji

Who I was and who I am.

Born in London with an Indian heritage you might think I had some sort of inclination to yoga from an early age. That could not be any further from the truth. Since I was young I was hungry for life, for all its various forms, and only now in retrospect can I say, that all the roads and detours eventually led me to Yoga. Often you don’t see the guiding thread until you reach that certain point when everything falls into place and you say: Now I understand. For me that point was when I discovered Yoga and Meditation. Completely transformed by my practice, I suddenly could see things clearly. And that was when I knew that I wanted to share my newly discovered passion through Yoga classes and energetic sessions. Now I teach 6 months in Buenos Aires and return annually to Rishikesh, India to share Yoga with new and old students and involve them into my personal practice.

Did I say I had no inclination at all? Maybe that’s true for yoga, but not for spirituality. Since childhood I felt that I had a certain energy in my hands, an uncanny zest for unusual things but it took me many years to understand that I could help others with this.

Today I combine yoga with good nutrition, bodycare and healthy thoughts and help to achieve well-being and a greater enjoyment of life. My religion is Universal Compassion and Love, the rights of all living beings, the expansion of consciousness and service to others. Each year new experiences are introduced to my life – and I am very thankful for that and happy to share it with all the people I encounter on my way. Vegan cooking workshops, Intensive Yoga Courses, Knowledge of the Chakras, Mantra Chanting and anything that brings more awareness and well-being to our lives are some of my interests. And – born and raised in England – watching a good game of football now and then.

Hari Aum

Meet The Family

Meet The Family

Dr Arora Ji

Our Dr is going to guide you into Ayurveda basics during your TTC Course and if you are in Rishikesh for a few days after your training then you can have a private consultation and know more about your Ayurveda type, recommendations and treatments if necessary.

For us it is an absolute honour to have Dr Arora as part of our YogiPi Family. He is a symbol of trust, knowledge and wisdom.

Dr. Indu ji

Having completed her Masters Degree in Human Consiousness & Yogic Science in 2006, she went onto complete Doctor of Philosophy in Yoga and Health in 2014. Dr. Induji is a five star Teacher.

Her kindness, patience and dedication makes her classes incredibly special and leaving us wanting to enquire within. She usually extends her teachings beyond the classroom, opening the doors of her home for students or sharing secrets of Rishikesh that she treasures. With her you will establish a bond that transcends nationalities and sometimes distant worlds.

A real joy & pleasure to have Her as part of our YogiPi Family.

Meet The Family

Deepak Ji

We are blessed to have an exceptional Iyengar based Yoga Therapy Teacher as Deepakji as part of our team at YogiPi.

This first guide was his Mother, a well respected Ayurvedic Doctor from Mumbai and it was with this upbringing and knowledge that He decided to follow a path of helping those in need through Yoga Therapy.

He first qualified as Yoga Teacher in 2000 and has since undertaken further training in Naturopathy, Acupressure and Electro-Homeopathy as well as continually evolving his own Iyengar Yoga Therapy practice.

He is a Father, funny and articulate with a deep understanding of the human psyche and it’s a real privilege to have Him as part of our team.

He also loves all animals and is the main point of contact for the Guardians of the Voiceless here in Rishikesh and this all in His spare time.
We love Him and know you will too.

Meet The Family
Meet The Family

Praveen ji

Born in one of the beautiful mountain villages about 3 hours from Rishikesh, his knowledge of Indian culture and all its traditions makes him a very important part of your family. There is so much to learn, from the gods and goddesses, the ceremonies that continue to be celebrated every day and the details that make India a place like no other.
With him we enter the real and authentic India to learn from its people and customs. In each course he gives away more and more teachings to feel closer and be able to understand more…

Parveen ji

Yogini Parveen is an expert at pranayama, philosophy, anatomy and meditation. She is a graduate in Yogic Health and Psychology and has also earned a Master’s degree in Yogic Consciousness and Human Excellence from Dev Sanskrit University. She is certifted by the Yoga Alliance and is adept at yogic health, Ayurveda, nutrition and pranic healing.

With over four years of teaching experience, Parveen has taught yoga in different parts of India to students of varying age groups and treated complex health conditions. She is a bundle of unreserved joy, and is unlikely to be found without a smile on her face. Parveen brings the same energy to the classroom and makes learning fun for her students.

She is a wonderful Soul, recently married  and we are so happy to have Her as part of our YogiPi Family.

Maria ji

From Argentina, Maria is the very heart of Yogipi. Co-ordinating, organizing, listening and guiding us all to the spaces and places where we should be. Without this wonderful energy it would be a struggle for us to maintain our school. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts and we know that you too will feel blessed for her continued support throughout your training.

Meet The Family
Kiran Ben_Ayurveda Therapist

Kiran ji

When we decided to offer Ayurvedic Massages and other techniques in our courses and retreats we were very careful to choose who with. The right energy and strength is required. She is able to take you deeper into your body, be able to identify the pain and start working on it to take it out. Natural and ancient Indian recipes will make you enjoy every minute of the sessions in order to recover or improve natural wellness in the body and the mind. A genuine treat for yourself!

Meet The Family

Ema ji

She is Maria & Piyushs dachshund teckel dog. Born in Buenos Aires in 2005, she has been travelling with her guardians since then. We cannot call ourselves owners because we feel that she takes care of us as much as we do for her. She loves being around in the yoga hall and going into savasana pose when everybody is laying down. We learn so much from her and all the animals around. India often brings a new point of view in the bond we have with animals. Especially with cows, but coming back to Ema, she is definitely part of your team sharing and spreading her love to all!

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