E – Content

E – Content

We are so lucky that in this moment of time we can access e-books, movies, audios and other forms of information like never before.

We are creating and writing New Content to share with you.

E – Content is a space where we can put in words courses, workbooks, videos, audios and more upcoming ideas.

We are trying to explore as many forms of delivering information, sharing time on-line and to amplify our Yoga Family.

Thank you to all of you that constantly support us!

Sharing a Yoga Class Workbook

We are going to work together how to improve your confidence, knowledge and skills to be able to share an awesome Yoga Class.

What will make your class special and what beliefs would you like to share with your students?

It is wise to practice what you preach without actually preaching!…but sharing your innate wisdom from your practice. This is the best way to put your belief into action.

Being a new Yoga Teacher makes you feel many emotions at the same time.

Excitement, love, happiness, but also a bit nervous, right?

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