7 Sacred Trees of India

India is deeply connected with her ancient roots. Prayers, pujas (blessings) using different elements let us get in & through this magic world of gratefulness. The association between many different kinds of trees, plants and flowers…
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Talk to your Feet

  Let's zoom in on our feet as if they were continents within a map. My intention is to be able to re-establish the connection of the feet with the rest of the body to which we pay so much attention. In asana classes, in order…
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YTTC Program - A life changing experience!

  Yoga Teacher Training Course History   "Yoga is a system of integral education, education not only of the body and the mind or the intellect, but also of the inner spirit.“ – Swami Sivananda     History   Swami…
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A way out through Yoga ??‍♂️??‍♂️

Whats your story? We all have one and it is personal and painful with some moments of pleasure. Well mine was and I would like to share a little of that with you. I would like to begin by saying that if it was not for yoga I…
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